A Music Video Shoot

Recently I was on a music video shoot, for now, I won't name. I was a little disappointed at one of the scenes I filmed that I was actively involved in lighting. Needless to say, the lighting in the room turned out flatter than what the desired mood of what the director wanted.

There was a total of four scenes: a pool scene, kitchen scene, foyer scene, and a living room scene. 

Update. 8-27-2019

It's been over a year since I started this blog, and I realize life can take you on unexpected twists and turns. Although I had every intention to finish what I started, I forgot I drafted this post but never published.

Fast forward a year, and I have forgotten the context in which I wanted to convey my message. I will say this:

The music video I worked on was fun, and I got to work with some talented up and coming talent and crew. We worked with what we had to work with and created or attempted to create a work of art we could be excited about.

The gear we used was a Sony FS5, A7, Arri light kit, light gels, slider, tripod, and a fish tank. We worked with what we had.

As filmmakers, I think we can get caught up in all of the gear when the real talent is what goes on in front and behind the camera. What good is any camera if the person behind it is not able to operate it to its full potential.

What good is a director if he or she can not convey their vision to everyone on set, especially the talent? In the end, the story you tell should always trump the equipment you use to tell it.

Remember: Tools are best used by skilled professionals, and skilled professionals can make almost any tool work.

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