How to Lose the Negative Voice.

It's hard finding positive things to see in yourself and in what you do or are trying to accomplish when everything and everyone around you seem to be running toward negativity. The news, social media, phone conversations, and neighbors across the street seem to be going out of control. Meanwhile, everything you are is polar opposite. How do you shine positively in the midst of chaos? How do you lose the negative voice? But you're a writer. This is what you do. This is how you create emotion within your audience. You take all of the negativity and create something that should elicit change. Moreover, that change needs to happen in you. Why? Because it's this same negative voice that helps you create your story that tells you you're not good enough or that your idea will never work. Shut That Voice Up People who have a one track mind are quick to tell someone it will never work. They do this mainly because they may have tried something and it failed. Naturally they assume since they stepped outside the box and tried something new but failed is more reason for you to heed their advice and follow suit. However, they fail again. And it is something they don't even realize is the secret to success. I bet those negative souls don't even realize how many times Alexander Bell failed at his inventions before successfully creating the telephone. Or how long it took Benjamin Franklin to stumble upon electricity (I imagine he nearly lost his life because of that enlightenment). My point is, we often have to fail at something more than once to finally see success in that thing you love to do. If it's a passion, keep going in the direction you desire. Keep away from people who refuse to know what you do, but are quick to tell you an idea is a bad one. These are seeds secretly planted in your garden to choke your harvest. No one knows your craft better than you do. However, the people closest to you think they know you and what's best for you but at the end of the day they only look out for themselves and/or their reputation. Push Forward If you believe in your heart you have been called, even chosen, to accomplish something greater than yourself; to create something to benefit the masses and not just you. Then, push forward and ignore the voices who contradict who and what you stand for. You stand for a cause greater than yourself whether you know it or not. You stand for the same cause as Bell and Franklin. You stand for the people who need to know there is something greater than themselves out in the world. You stand for the poor, and not just in money, but in knowledge. You are the one to bridge that gap from total chaos and negativity to peace and positivity. Don't let the world take it from you. Give them back the flip side of the coin. Plant a tree of positivity. Create visions that inspire a better way. This is how you lose the negative voice. Tap into a demension of yourself they may not understand at first, but in the end, people will have to acknowledge your Heavenly Father has been with you the entire time you've been going through chaos. 

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