In My Time It's My Time

In my time (well the short time that it’s been) I’ve seen a lot of things, been to a few places, and traveled around the world thanks to the Marine Corp. I’ve been in challenging situations and have tucked my tail between my legs and ran the other way a few times because of them. However, since my relationship with God began at the turn of the century, there has never been a challenge greater than the ones that have ensued over the last fifteen years or so.

As a writer I’m inclined to know how words fit together in order to tell a story in the most engaging way. They say quality over quantity in every faucet of life, a favorite motto. So when the pen hits the paper I have to maximize every word so that I don’t waste a single one in the time I need to tell the story (at least I like to think so anyway). Never mind that though, I’m getting ahead of myself, that comes during the editing process when I’m afraid to chop out parts that don’t allow the story to flow.

My point is I have not a clue of what I just said (or wrote). I just want to tell a story that examines my life and that hopefully resonates with people other than the one looking in the mirror. Seriously? Boy, you are a piece of work. In the world we live in today, stop telling that person negative stuff. Anyway!

A leaf when it is blown in the wind shivers and shakes, and on occasion, especially in the fall, blows off the tree and flies away. Where am I going? Look the point is it flies despite falling off the tree, blown by the wind; IT FLIES. The moral of the story goes like this: Your writing may be suffering a setback. Perhaps you haven’t been discovered yet, don’t have representation, haven’t been published yet, or no one has produced any of your scripts, like me. I do plan, however, to produce my own material (already started), a very tall order, but that’s an entirely whole other post. It can be done though. Right? Right.


Don’t let a single soul stop you from writing what your heart is calling you too, even if it’s yourself. Money may be tight, bills are due, you’re not getting the best reviews or feedback, and your creativity is being stifled from the trials of life, but you are writing and growing. And because you are growing you are becoming a stronger writer with a story to tell that no one else has ever told before, at least not yours, not the way you tell it.

In fact, this is your time. You’ve been waiting on the moment to break out and show people what you’re capable of, and your time has come. Your “deny” pass has just been revoked and your all access pass has just been granted. Say this after me: It’s My Time.

Keep writing.

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