Fatal Attempt ~ Short Film - Drama

A successful business woman attempts suicide after she finds out the handsome young man she has trained is now in line to take her place in the company.

The Doll ~ Short Film - Drama

Miah can't sleep without her doll, but after her baby comes up missing, no one else will either until it returns.

Ann Frank ~ Short Film - Drama

Ann, a frenzied shot-down telemarketer, learns why she was given up for adoption from her terminally ill biological mother and now she wants to locate her estranged father.

The eye to the soul.
A lone teddy bear staring into lonliness.
A young woman searching for more.


"An Extreme Sports Nightmare"
Spec Script - Act One

An NFL star murdered by a deranged woman leaves Sherlock and Watson trying to figure out who and why the crazy culprit killed him off.

A football quarterback about to release the ball.


Saturn - Flash Fiction - Science Fiction
Word Count: 1000

Admiral Lex, a veteran Navy Officer, must pilot his vessel along with his crew and passengers to a new civilization before time runs out.

The Execution - Short Story - Drama

A pair of teenagers face the consequences of having unprotected sex. Life will never be the same again.


Jon Goode & the Store Keycard
Drama - Page Count: 6

Jon, a prominent employee, has lost the only keycard to the store warehouse. If he can't find it, the store will run out of supplies and close for good.

A comic drawing.


The Encounter - Drama/Science Fiction
Interactive Game

As Abigail McAuthor Davis, a gung-ho general in the Marine Corp who has just captured an alien. You must find out what the alien knows about the Earth and its impending destruction and the fate of the general's daughter. Will you make the right decision to save his daughter and the world before time runs out? The world is in your hands.

An interactive game controller.
A film camera.
The stars and cosmos.


a woman striking a dramatic pose.

Science Fiction

A meteor in space.
A film camera.